Denver Public Schools utilizes a common module approach to LDC. Common modules are written by trained literacy specialists and teacher design teams, with input from a variety of stakeholders. Participating teachers are provided with full instructional modules, including teacher materials, student texts sets, and student work portfolios (see Module Roll Out below). Educators then make professional decisions on how to adapt and use modules in their own classrooms. ldc-convening-boulder-february-2016_block_3

The process for creating a rigorous, thoughtful common module is a deliberate one. Working with Content Specialists, needs are identified based on current resources and curricula in DPS classrooms. Gaps are analyzed alongside the demands of CCSS and CAS. Modules are drafted and often piloted in order to receive feedback for improvement. DPS also uses external feedback partners, such as LDC.org. Part of common modules requires a lengthy process of editing and translation. In DPS, over 40% of students are second language learners with a majority coming from homes where Spanish is a first language. All of the student materials for LDC are translated into Spanish in order to provide equitable learning experiences. After classrooms have experienced the LDC modules, a community of teachers analyzes the student work and their own instructional moves,  and teachers provide additional feedback for the revisions of the  instructional modules.