What is the Literacy Design Collaborative?

LDC cycle


(LDC) is an instructional design system for developing students’ literacy skills across all content areas. LDC has been adopted by DPS to support the College and Career Readiness standards for teachers and students. LDC equips leaders and teachers with resources, training, and on-site partner support. The modules provided in the Scope and Sequence have embedded performance tasks that may be used for a body of evidence to support data-driven instruction and SLOs.

Watch the video below to see what DPS teachers are saying about LDC at our Fall 2015 Student Work Analysis Day.  Join us for our Spring 2016 Student Work Analysis Day on May 14th!  Registration is open on School Net.  Search code ldcanalysis.

Video 2

Watch the video below to see an LDC module in action in DPS at Hill Middle School

Video 1

Do you have questions or comments for the DPS LDC team?  Email us at ldc@dpsk12..